Just 1% of practicing physicians in the state have the required certification to recommend medical marijuana at this time.

The State of Ohio continues to see the number of residents requesting a recommendation for a MMJ card increase. In order to meet the needs of patients seeking these recommendations, the number of certified doctors continues to increase as well. The association of medical certified doctors for recommending medical cannabis allows long time and newly certified doctors to meet and discuss this treatment option for patients. 

Medical Marijuana is not discussed in medical school, so it is the responsibility of certified doctors to learn fact from fiction concerning medical cannabis. Originally, the association consisted of only a handful of doctors. Now, over 650+ doctors are certified to recommend medical marijuana to patients. This is only one percent of the state’s practicing physicians, but the number is expected to grow over the new few years. 

The association meets monthly to discuss the latest news surrounding medical marijuana and to discuss potential treatment options. Every patient is unique and so should their treatment plan. The current requirements for the certification leave many newly certified doctors with questions about how to appropriately recommend medical marijuana. The association aims to provide further education and guidance to ensure patients receive proper recommendations. 

To ensure the safety of all doctors in the network, the association now meets virtually. Before the COVID-19 era began, the association would meet in person and allow all doctors to network. This allowed for more one-on-one conversations and in-depth exchange of knowledge regarding medical cannabis. 

Our Established Certified Doctor Network

Here at GCN, we have only the most qualified doctors in our network to ensure patients receive the compassionate care they deserve. We ensure both patients and physicians are screened for necessary pre-qualifications. This saves everyone time, money, and headaches. Additionally, it reduces the number of “no-shows” and saves your staff necessary resources. Interested doctors may request to become a GCN physician if they meet specific requirements. 

Obtain your Ohio MMJ Card

Individuals who suffer from the negative effects of any of the Ohio’s qualifying conditions are eligible to request a telehealth appointment. Our HIPAA compliant appointments ensure you meet with a certified Ohio doctor virtually. This prevents you, your caretaker, or loved ones from risking exposure to COVID-19. 

Once you receive your Ohio MMJ card, you can continue to utilize resources on our website to find dispensaries in your area. Whether you need smoke-able, ingestible, or topical medical marijuana products, most dispensaries in your area can meet your needs and offer curbside pickup. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you have questions before, during, or after applying for your Ohio MMJ card.

If you or a loved one suffer from any of the FDA approved qualifying medical conditions, you are eligible to receive your Ohio MMJ medical card. Fortunately, the process is incredibly simple. All you or your loved one need to do is find the location nearest you, complete the assessment, and meet with a doctor who is qualified to prescribe medical marijuana. That’s it! Be sure you wear your mask during your visit and contact us if you have any questions along the way.