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Julia Appleby

Julia Appleby

Certified Cannabis Advisor
Founder and Managing Partner

Julia Appleby is a board certified (NCC-National Certified Counselor) Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with Supervision designation (LPCC-S) and TeleBehavioral Health practitioner (TBHI). She is a member of the American Counseling Association, the Ohio Counseling Association, and the Ohio Mental Health Counselors Association. Julia earned her Masters Degree from the University of Akron and Walsh University. Since 1992, she has been providing clinical counseling services to individuals, children and adolescents, couples, families, and groups. She has practiced in a variety of settings including community mental health, schools, hospitals, and her private practice. Julia holds over 25 years of clinical experience in assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders in mood, behavior, personality, and addiction.

As a behavioral health clinician, she has had the privilege of helping individuals to find meaning, restore balance, and to achieve a greater sense of well-being. In her opinion, this is best accomplished by considering the whole person; their unique set of circumstances including the physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual and environmental influences that affect their health. Clearly, one size does not fit all. Rather, a personalized approach that makes use of all available and appropriate therapies seems to achieve the greatest results. As a proponent of the accessibility of medical cannabis, Julia recognizes that it may not be for everyone, yet it has been successful for so many. When used as an alternative or as a complement to conventional medicine, the health benefits of medical cannabis are astounding. Empowering individuals to manage their own health promotes a sense of control which is key to one’s overall wellness and quality of life. Therefore, having the option of medical cannabis treatment makes good health sense. Julia is grateful that she has been guided to facilitate this endeavor.

Julia may be reached at: JuliaA@GCNHope.com

Michael Appleby

Michael Appleby

Managing Partner

A 1980 graduate of Elyria High School, Elyria, Ohio, Michael was a 3 sport athlete playing football, basketball and baseball. Voted first team All-Ohio in Football, lead his high school football team to a perfect season in 1979 as their quarterback. This team was inducted into the Elyria Sports Hall of Fame in May 2019. Michael went onto to play college football at the University of Louisville and University of Akron.

Since 1986, Michael has worked as a self-employed entrepreneur in the life insurance industry. Starting his career off as a perennial top sales person, he has always led by example. He is naturally competitive and ambitious, achieving many top awards over his career! He has extensive experience in a various aspects of the life insurance industry, including recruiting, agency building and management, and the development of life insurance products, systems, processes and marketing strategies.

In 2016, Michael was introduced to the Medical Cannabis industry by his wife and decided to join Julia in this venture of facilitating people to have access to this alternative and profound medicine.

Michael may be reached at: MikeA@GCNHope.com


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