Benefits of joining the Green Compassion Network

No Membership Fees

Joining the Green Compassion Network will cost you, the physician, nothing. There are no monthly or annual fees. No additional or hidden costs. We are happy to establish relationships with quality physicians who embrace the belief in compassionate patient care. GCN believes everyone is entitled to this kind of regard so we won’t charge you to join our Network.

Generates New Patients

Individuals are eagerly looking to medical cannabis treatment as a hopeful alternative to traditional medicine and pharmaceutical interventions. Being a part of the Green Compassion Network will list you and your practice on the premier directory of medical cannabis clinics and physicians in Ohio. We make it easy for patients to locate you.

Pre-qualifies Patients Seeking Medical Cannabis

GCN realizes that many individuals will attempt to gain access to medical cannabis without meeting the criteria or qualifying conditions as outlined by HB 523. GCN’s process helps to eliminate non-qualifying individuals by registering and pre-screening potential patients. GCN verifies patient health history, prescriptions, and qualifying condition(s) prior to the office examination.

Secures Necessary Medical Records Prior to the Office Visit

We assume the task of collecting pertinent health information and storing it on our HIPPA compliant website. A patient’s protected health information becomes accessible to you, once the patient secures an office appointment. You will have the capability of reviewing records prior to meeting with the patient.

Saves Physician and Staff Time

Our turn-key proprietary software saves you and your staff time and money. We do a great deal of the preliminary work including, pre-qualifying the patient, completing registration, uploading medical records, scheduling, collecting payments, and reimbursing fees. Our goal is to streamline the process for the patient and the physician so that you can focus on treatment and the patient can focus on being well.

Pre-payment Online at the Time of Scheduling

Insurance companies do not cover medical cannabis at this time. GCN accepts credit card payments online. Patients can only secure a physician appointment by submitting a credit card payment at the time of scheduling.

Reduces Cancellation and No Show rates

GCN recognizes and respect your time. Pre-payment by the patient at the time of scheduling reduces cancellation and no show rates. We provide a money back guarantee to the patient only in the event of 24 hour advance notice or emergent cancellation with rescheduling. By offering this, we can regard patient circumstance without loss of revenue.

Timely Collection of Fees

According to national averages, a typical medical cannabis office examination will cost approximately $300. GCN has established rates that we believe are commensurate, competitive for the physician, and reasonable for the consumer. Additionally, physician reimbursement of fees will occur on a 30-day cycle which compares favorably to that of managed care reimbursement cycles averaging 45 to 60 days.

No Third Party Payor or Managed Care

Insurance companies do not cover medical cannabis evaluations or treatment, at this time. The advantages of this include avoiding saturated panels, rigid rules, pre-authorizations, variable reimbursement rates, and schedules, and required paperwork.

Medical Cannabis Education & Information for Physicians, Patients and Caregivers

GCN is committed to providing accurate information regarding the latest developments in medical cannabis education, research, and its industry.

Ongoing Physician/Patient/Caregiver Support

GCN pledges our commitment to provide support and advocacy to physicians, patients, and caregivers. We will remain available to you throughout the process of medical cannabis recommendation.


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Money Back Guarantee

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