This new information can help patients across the country decrease their painful symptoms.

Sickle cell disease is a painful condition that causes blood cells to become sticky. It can cause significant pain, infections, strokes, and other symptoms that are hard to manage. Most individuals are diagnosed with sickle cell disease within their first five months of life. A recent study at the Yale School of Medicine and Yale Cancer Center has found that sickle cell disease patients visit the hospital far less when they use prescribed medical marijuana to manage their pain. 

The study examined data from 50 sickle cell disease patients that were certified to have medical marijuana. However, not every patient used medical marijuana. In fact, only 29 of the patients regularly used their prescribed medical marijuana while 21 did not. 

Of the 29 individuals who used their prescription medical cannabis, most visited the hospital less frequently than the 21 patients who did not. Many of the medical marijuana users said their prescription helped them manage their pain symptoms at home. The findings from this study allowed researchers to conclude that medical marijuana has the potential to be highly effective with pain reduction in sickle cell disease patients. 

The study focused on reviewing data about the number of inpatient hospitalizations, emergency room visits, and infusion center visits for extreme pain. Typically, patients are administered opioids (often morphine) to control the pain. The study compared the 21 patients who relied on morphine and the 29 patients who used their medical marijuana prescription. On average, the group of 29 patients visited the hospital one to three times less than the group of 21 over a period of six months. The results of the study found one patient from the group of 29 medical marijuana users was able to reduce their visits by five times during the 6-month time period!

With the findings from this study, those suffering from sickle cell disease can find hope that there is a relief to their daily pain aside from opioids. Medical marijuana very well could be the prescription these patients need to manage their pain.

The continued research on the benefits of medical marijuana allow individuals suffering from painful symptoms to find the relief they deserve. If you suffer from sickle cell disease or any of the other qualifying medical conditions, it has never been easier to obtain an Ohio MMJ card.

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